Saturday, August 20, 2016

2016 Classroom Reveal

I can't believe that we are already back to school ~ three days in for me. One of my favorite parts of back to school is setting up my classroom. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I eliminated a couple bookshelves that were old & rickety and clustered some other cabinets together making a more open arrangement. I also spray painted a few tables and added new pillows to brighten things up a bit. Come on in & look around...

The view from my door. 

I backed the math manipulative cabinet up to the kitchen. The bookshelf with the pink tubs is on the end of the mailbox/toy shelf cluster.

I put some toys on the wire shelf just across from the wooden toy cabinet. The rectangle table will be our Word Work station. My small group table is in front of my newly reorganized math & literacy cabinets. (OOPS! I just noticed my double Kinder doodles on the bottom of the page. I guess I was tired when I was making the slides last night...)

My small group table.

The focus wall. I found the little white table at a garage sale. The little crate holding books is from Target.

I spent a good part of the summer helping my daughter to paint furniture for her home decor business 
Aster + Gray, so it just seemed natural to paint my classroom furniture. This little 1970s table looks pretty nice in its new modern color!

My desk area. I will try to keep it looking organized this year! (My goal is not to have any "piles of shame" building up on the floor behind my chair.)

Looking at my desk area. I swear I'm going to keep it neat this year!

Looking into my library. I've had one of those blue chairs in my room for a while and one up in my bonus room at home. I decided to bring the second one in to help define the library area a little more. Two Kinders can fit into each chair. 

A fresh coat of paint and some new pillows make this $5.00 garage sale table an inviting area to work.

Another painted piece. This formerly black table had been in my daughter's room, taken to Purdue, and then stuck in the attic. A little green paint (the same as the 1970s table) makes it look like new!

The view from the library to my small group table.

Looking over the rug by the focus wall toward the door. The mailbox cabinet backs up to the toy cabinet. 

The rug in the cubby area makes a great place to play with the blocks. Get my play poster for free HERE.

Eleven of my fifteen kids will store their stuff on this side of the cubby area. We keep our book boxes on the top shelf. 

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