Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday, Monday: Linkies & more

It's been a few days since I've last posted, and I feel as if I'm behind on my linky parties!  As I have said before, I love a good linky party!  Not only does my little blog get some new visitors, but I get to discover some amazing blogs!  But, before I get started linking up, I want to announce that Michaele S. is the lucky winner of my Chevron & Flower Binder covers and winner's choice from my TpT store.

First up is:                   

                                                                                                ... from The First Grade Parade.

Here are some of my favorite pins of the week:
Fun "goodbye" chant at the end of the day:  Teacher could start with "Adios Kiddos!" and then the class could chant the rest of them while packing up.  (Or pairs of students could be assigned one and they each do their own in order.)  Would probably take a little while to learn, but would be so fun when we finally got it right.  :)
It would be fun to say these as the kids file out the door!A fairytale fort -  made from PVCWhat little girl wouldn't want one of these?  (Or big girl, for that matter?)
Highlighter to make sure students write their names on their papers!

This could be a real sanity saver!  It makes me crazy when I get papers without names!!!

Next in the linky lineup is:  photo c823e5c9-f7db-47fc-8555-123a065ce95b.jpg

....from Fabulous in First.

Some randomness from my week:

Independence Day goodies
Gabrielle & her patriotic table scape.  (She made the cupcakes.)
Zucchini chips from Pinterest.

 A walk down my road.  On left: looking west, on right: looking east.

 On left: looking north across soybeans.  On right: looking south at corn.
 Gabrielle and me at a bridal shower. 

My daughter Emily's dog Vader.


And finally, (last, but not least...I was posting in chronological order):                                                             ...from 4th Grade Frolics.

                                                       Vintage Teacup Pedestal Stand / Jewelry Holder / Dessert Stand - As Featured In Flea Market Gardens Magazine
The shower Gabrielle and I went to had the cutest centerpieces made from old china glued together to make a little cookie stand.  I researched them on Etsy (picture above) and found that they could be pretty pricey.  Now, I am certainly NOT trying to discourage anyone from purchasing items from Etsy, but I like to make things myself.  I popped into Goodwill and found these random pieces of china for about $12.00.
 A little silicone glue later, and viola!  I now have a cake stand and a cookie stand!  (I guess a tea party should be in my near future!)

 Well, that was a long post!  Thanks for sticking with me.  Here's a little surprise freebie for you to reward you for hanging around!  Have a great rest of the week!



  1. You were my "let me read one last blog before I go cook dinner" and I had been planning on just slicing and sauteing some zucchini... now I'm going to go make those zucchini chips to go with dinner! Yum! Also, love the cake stand!

    Polka Dots & Teaching Tots

    1. I know what you mean - just one more blog... The zucchini chips are super yummy! Thanks for visiting!


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