Information for Parents

Welcome Parents!

First, I want to say how much I enjoy working with your children.  It is a real joy to see them learn and grow.  There is nothing more exciting than watching them find that "Ah ha!" moment. 

This page will be dedicated to providing you with ideas and resources for you to use with your child.  As summer vacation is fast approaching, many of you are wondering what you can do to help your child to maintain what he/she has learned this year.  If you do nothing else: Read, read, read with your child.  Read to him, read with him, listen to him read to you.  Discuss what you read, discuss the pictures, talk about how the story is like something else you've read...  Read, read, read.

I have posted many "Freebies" on my blog.  These are materials that I have created and used in the classroom.  For your convenience I will compile them onto this page.  Please print them out for your child to use at home or on vacation.  Have fun!

PS  Sorry - this is a page, and it is vey long.  Scroll down to see everything.  Stop back from time to time to see what's new.

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Summer Websites

The following links are recommended by our computer teacher.  We have visited many of them during our computer lab time.  Have Fun!  An interactive website that’s modeled from primary grade lessons.  Many subjects are covered and broken down into grade levels.  An “all Clifford” website.  A website favorite of K-2.  Interactive books to read. A fun website that explores reading, phonics, and comprehension.  A good interactive math facts website (K-1)  A website to reinforce math and place value. (K-1)  Another great math website that reinforces math facts. (K-1)  Get a jump start on keyboarding.   A great free interactive website that challenges your student in Math, Language, Science and much much more!  Students can practice spelling on their own and play games too. (K-5)  Lots to do and see on this website and geared for
Grades K-1.  A staple math website broken into grade levels. (K-5)  A different way to practice and master math facts. (1-2)

Summer Learning Practice Book Freebie
Click here to print out a copy of a Summer Learning Practice Book for your child.


  1. Thank you so much for posting the domino parking worksheets. I found it on pinterest, and loved it! My little boy liked it, too. I wrote about it on my blog:

    1. Thank you for featuring my Domino Parking pages on your blog. I really enjoyed the picture of your little guy parking his dominos - what a cutie!


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