Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Week's Literacy Stations

As promised, I am getting caught up with my Literacy Stations.  It's hard to believe that we only have a few weeks left - this year has just flown by!  I know that I say that every year... The end of year activities are ramping up - there are tons of things left to do, and not much time in which to do them.  We are finished with our Reading series - just the unit test remains to be given.  I like having the structure of our regular literacy routine, but I am looking forward to having time to do some projects and activities that I just couldn't squeeze in before.

Writing Station.  This activity comes straight out of Treasures reading series.  Students choose a color and write a poem, illustrating it when they are finished.  Writing poetry is challenging, but some of the kids are coming up with cute verses!
I made this sheet to go with the activity above.  I also simply wrote the color words onto index cards instead of making cards as shown in the activity flip chart.  I wrote the words in color coded ink.  (I used a black marker to write white because,  well you know...)
Reading Station.  Another one of our wonderful Lakeshore.
"Crossword Puzzle" to go with the above file folder activity.
Literacy Station.  One more Lakeshore file folder activity to practice color words.
Color the jelly beans page to go with the above activity.
Listening Station.  A Bad Case of Stripes.  I think my antique boom box has just about had it.  I was hoping that it would last until the end of the year, but it was very temperamental today.


 Math Literacy.  I found this nifty number bracelet worksheet online, but I can't remember where.  If it's yours, please claim it!  We used our trusty number bracelets to make ten (and 9) different ways.


  1. Re the Number bracelet worksheets--I googled "Number Bracelets K.OA.3" (the letter & number combo on the right of the worksheet) to try to find the original. It's from Teachers Pay Teachers: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Number-Bracelets-Common-Core-KOA3

    I found you via Pinterest. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I didn't want to take credit for someone else's work, but I didn't remember where I found the worksheets, and they don't have any names on them. And, welcome! I'm glad you found my blog. Now that school is about to start, I'll be posting more frequently. :)

    2. Great! I'll be starting my 19th year of homeschooling and my youngest will be starting K, so I've been doing a lot of prep this summer to get ready. I was busy making these bracelets last night while watching the news with my husband. :) I really like the sensory input of these bracelets. I think my daughter will like them a lot.

    3. I made them while watching TV, too! Check out my freebies - you may find something you can use with your daughter. Have a good year!


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