Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Literacy Stations

I finally took some pictures of our current Literacy Stations!  Last week we had our Pre-Kindergarten screening and a field trip to a local nursery, so I never seemed to have a spare moment to photograph them.  Because we have been so busy, our activities are pretty much out of the box file folder games.  A few years ago we were awarded grant money to purchase a cabinet full of ready made Literacy and Math centers from Lakeshore.  These boxed centers are wonderful - colorful and ready to go!  Perfect for when you don't have time to create something yourself. 

Math Literacy.  This is the flip side of the number blossoms we used last week.  In this learning station, students will make number bonds using the leaves for the parts, and the flower as the whole.  I did end up making ladybugs by drawing spots onto some old foam counters.  In order to help keep them organized, each set of 10 bugs has a different number of spots.  So if the kids get their bags o' bugs mixed up, they can easily sort them out again.
We used this sheet to record some of the number bonds we made. 
Literacy Station.  This Color Word activity is a fun way for Kinders to practice color words.
We like the kids to do an activity sheet in addition to the hands on activity.  Activity sheets help students to further practice the skill, and let parents see what we are doing during Literacy Stations time. The ready made learning centers didn't come with activity sheets, so I found this page from a Teacher's Helper magazine.
Reading Station.  Our trusty teaching assistant has been busy doing the mClass testing, so we needed something simple for this station.  (She usually leads this one.)  Here is another ready to go literacy station - this one features matching CVC words with pictures.
Another Teacher's Helper page for CVC practice.
 Writing Station.  The picture didn't come out very well (sorry).  The kiddos wrote to the prompt:  What do you do in Kindergarten?  This student says, "I learn how to do math.  And I like to do (plusses)."  I love the fingers!  :)

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