Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final Stations for the Year

We are in the home stretch, and needed something sort of simple for our Literacy Stations.  We each selected quick to set up activities for our Stations.  Yesterday at PLC our principal asked us to reflect on our year.  Each team shared some success stories.  One of ours was our Literacy Stations.  By working in small groups our students were able to practice five different skills each week through fun and engaging activities.  These small groups also allowed us to differentiate lessons for our various learners.  Each week at our Team Planning Meeting, we discussed what skills were coming up, and which skills needed to be retaught.  Using this information, we worked together to create and share some wonderful activities.  I want to say THANK YOU! to my wonderful team.  It has been a great year!

Reading Station.  This is a Plural Noun game from a Mailbox book (I don't remember the title, but it had ten different game boards and ten different games.) 
The students did this page after playing the game.
Literacy Station.  I absolutley love The Mailbox!  There are so many wonderful ready to use activites in each issue.  This sorting activity is a great follow up to the past few weeks' color and number word activites.
Writing Station.  This sentence writing activity was pulled out of a Mailbox magazine and laminated. 
Once the Kinders worked together to put the sentences in order, they wrote them onto lined paper.

Math Literacy.  This is one of the nifty Lakeshore activities we have.  Students used realistic looking ladybugs to act out simple addition story problems.
After completing the activity above, the kids did this addition page from Teacher's Helper.
Listening Station.  For a change, the Kinders listened to a phonemic awareness CD from Lakeshore.  See the box below.


  1. I found you on Pinterest and I am so glad that I did! You have given me many, many, many ideas to use with my kinders next year. I am going to try to use your Popcorn Word Pop It with my students before the end of the year so they can practice those popcorn words (sight words). Thanks!:) Stop by some time.

    Kinders on the Block

  2. Hi! Thank you for your kind words. And, thank you so much for featuring my blog on yours! What a nice surprise it was to see your post!


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