Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sequencing ~ How to Writing

Just in time for cold & flu season!  Before Christmas break my Kinders worked on sequencing ~ ordering cards, completing pages, and finally creating collaborative posters on How to Wash Your Hands.  Perfect for this germy time of year!

Here are some samples of the pages the kiddos did ~ there are two versions for differentiation. 
 I forgot to take pictures of the actual cards, so I just pasted on the images.

I always am amazed at how well Kinders can work collaboratively on a project.  It does take a bit of training, but they usually get really good at sharing materials and ideas.  This little trio had to work a little harder at dividing up the workload, but their poster turned out well.  

These girls used their sequencing pages as guides for their work.  The kids completed the pages during Writers' Workshop the day before creating their posters.  They worked independently to complete the pages, but did have time to share with their partners to be sure they had the pictures in the correct order.  

The Kinders love having lots of different spaces to work.  This little table is a cast-off my daughter found when moving into her college apartment.  She didn't want it, but knew I could use it in my classroom.  Hubby cut the legs to kindergarten table height for me.  It's been in lots of different places around my room & is getting a little wobbly. But, it should hold up for the rest of the year.  Once summer rolls around, I think I'll bring it home to shore up the legs and maybe give it a new coat of paint.  (I'm thinking pink or purple.)

Here are three examples of the completed posters.  We hung them by our sinks and in our classroom restroom.  Hopefully they will serve as a reminder to wash hands!  (Fingers crossed!)

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby it's Cold Outside!

It was just about one year ago that we were in the middle of the Polar Vortex.  I'm not sure what they call the crazy cold weather we're having now, but it is the perfect weather for a $1.00 Sale!  I'm joining some of my fellow Indiana blogger friends for our second dollar sale.  If you are going to be cold, you might as well grab some bargains.  :-)

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Last Sale of 2014

Don't wait until the new year to get some bargains!  Check out this great sale ~ the last one of the year.

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas vacation is finally here!  YAY!  Last week was lots of fun, but it felt sooooo long!  We did lots of crafts and had fun going around the world to learn about how Christmas and other holidays are celebrated using Caitlin Clabby's fun Holidays Around the World.  The week ended with Polar Express Day ~ we watched the movie, wore PJs, and had a fun Christmas party.  Boy, was I ready for a break by the end of the week!

 Every class decorated their bulletin board like a different Christmas carol.  We did "Oh, Christmas Tree!"  We made the little trees and snowflakes in class.  The ornaments on the big tree were made at home.  I like to have the kids do an at-home family project ~ it's fun to see what they make!

We made frame-worthy art work for our parent gifts.  I like to have the kids make something from scratch (not a kit) whenever possible.  These pretty winter scenes took a few days to make.  First, they painted the background using a mix of blue & white paint.  Next, they traced and cut out trees.  Once the trees were in place, they used Q-tips to paint snowflakes.  Finally, silver glitter was glued in swirls to create frosty winter winds.  

Chippy the Elf watched over the class all December.  Here, he is sitting in a little sleigh that one of my students made for me.  The kids were amazed that the sleigh was in a different place that day!

 Craft Day with our third grade book buddies!  The Kinders had so much fun creating these cute reindeer with the big kids.  And, the big kids liked being able to help their little buddies.

Not exactly Christmas ~ but, getting six new tablets for our classroom certainly felt like Christmas!  Every kindergarten class in our district got six HP tablets for use in our classrooms!  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Black Friday ~ What's in Your Cart?

I don't know about you, but I have never gone shopping on Black Friday!  That's the day we put up our Christmas tree & start decorating.  But, with Thanksgiving being so late this year, we started decorating this weekend.  Our main tree isn't up yet, and only my kitchen bird tree is decorated.  With a good head start on my whole-house Christmas decor, I may just hit a store or two.  But, if I do decide to stay at home, I can still get some great deals ~ and so can you!  I'm joining a group of TpT sellers for a $1.00 Black Friday Sale.  (It goes live on Friday.)

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Math ~ Daily 3

I'm sure that you are very familiar with The Daily 5 for teaching literacy.  Last year I began using the framework in my literacy block and was very happy with the results.  I used a blended version of the Daily 5 and my traditional literacy stations.  (Read about it HERE.)  This year my literacy block consists of mini lessons and 1 - 3 rounds of D5.  We have four out of five choices up and running (Read to Someone is currently on the back burner.)  My little cuties are pretty good at staying on task and working quietly.  I try to meet with at least one group of 2 - 4 students to work on a specific skill each day.  Additionally, I meet with individual students for quick checks or individual practice.  The Daily 5 is a very good way to give students many opportunities to practice literacy skills.

This past summer I read the second edition of The Daily 5.  In addition to updated thoughts on D5 as a literacy tool, it included a chapter on Math Daily 3.  The Math Daily 3 are ~ Math on my Own, Math with a Partner, and Math Writing.  I was so excited to read this chapter!  It gives great ideas on how to incorporate the framework of Literacy D5 into your math block.  Our corporation uses a Singapore approach to teaching math, and my Kinder teammates and I use many of the lessons and materials from the Guiding Kinders math sets by Deanna Jump & Deedee Wills.  The Singapore approach to teaching math includes lots of hands-on practice with manipulatives before doing worksheets.  Mrs. Jump & Mrs. Wills did a great job creating activities that follow the logical sequence of "I do, We do, You do."  My Kinders are really progressing in their understanding of math skills, and are eager for something more.  In comes Math Daily 3!

To create a place for math materials, I gathered my baskets from the free teacher store, dish tubs from Target, and a rainbow drawer unit from Aldi along with an assortment of shelves.  It may not be pretty, but it does the job.  (I do need to cover that messy refrigerator back ~ I wasn't happy when someone scribbled on it last year...)  The Math Baskets are for Math on My Own.  The Math Drawers contain worksheets (sometimes materials to use with the worksheets) for Math Writing, and the Math Tubs contain games and other manipulatives for Math with a Partner.  We just call them Math Drawers, Baskets, and Tubs.

I guess I didn't take as many pictures of this as I had thought.  (And the picture in the upper left corner is actually a Math Basket.)  But, you can see from these few pictures that Math Drawers contain pages for the kiddos to practice writing numbers, etc.

 Math Baskets contain a variety of materials for practicing skills independently.

 Math Tubs contain activities that are meant to be done with a partner.  Because there is partner work going on, Math Daily 3 isn't as quiet as Literacy Daily 5.

My Kinders really enjoy using the materials in our Math Daily 3 center.  I have found that I don't really need to change out the materials that often ~ I trade out things every 3 weeks or so.  Sometimes I simply add more to a tub or basket, leaving older things in a little while longer.  (It really depends upon student interest & need.)

If you are interested in using Math Daily 3 activities, you may be interested in my new Candy Corn Measuring (not just for Halloween) set.  Click HERE to purchase.  I used the measuring activity with the whole class & put the cards into a Math Drawer for extra practice.

Candy Corn Math

Friday, October 31, 2014

Five for Friday ~ Finally!

It has been AGES since I last participated in the fun Five for Friday linky!  In fact, my little ole blog has been neglected.  So, with that, here are my five ~ that have nothing to do with school!

1.  I recently visited a dear friend who lives in Illinois in a very old house.  Her kitchen is the original house that was built in the 1800s.  Over the years it was additions were built.  The balcony below was added to the 1930 portion of the house.  It was originally on a hotel that was a stop on Abraham Lincoln's campaign tour.  It can only be accessed by climbing through a window...  Yes, I climbed through a window.  (I'm on the left.)

2. Little readers.  The teacher in me loves the fact that my darling granddaughters love books.  Olivia & Isabella are looking at magazines in the waiting area of our favorite salon.  Amelia picks out books from her personal library.

3.  Our downtown hosts a wonderful Trick-or-Treat event.  It was chilly, but fun.  My talented daughters sewed costumes for their little sweeties.  My mother always sewed my costumes, I sewed costumes for my daughters, and I'm happy to see the tradition of hand-made costumes has been passed down through the generations!

4.  A couple weekends ago we went to Fair Oaks Farms with Sarah & her family.  It's an interesting & educational place rural Indiana where dairy cows are raised.  Olivia & Isabella sat with me on the bus to see the new pig farm.  In addition to learning about cows & pigs, we sampled wonderful cheese and ate the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever.

5.  Last week was my sister Debbie's big birthday.  She lives in Chicago, which is close-by, but far enough away that she doesn't get a lot of Indiana family visiting.  It took some planning, but we surprised her with a fun family dinner in Chicago!  I told her that my husband & I were coming to town to take her out for lunch.  She was very surprised when we walked into the restaurant & found a large group of family waiting.  After a very filling dinner we had a fun evening together!

From left to right: Gabrielle, me, and Debbie.  Gabrielle & me.  Me & Sarah (that sounds like terrible English...)  Front ~ hubby & me.

Now, hop over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and add your own Five!