Thursday, January 31, 2013

100th Day!

Hooray, hooray!  It's 100th Day!  Today we had our much anticipated 100th Day of Kindergarten!  My Kinders and I were so excited to come to school today.  Our day was filled with all things 100 - everything from counting to crafts.  I took lots of pictures, of course.  I wish I had permission to show the kiddos' faces because the look of excitement and delight as they worked *quietly* in the six different 100-themed stations.  Yes, they worked quietly!  There was happy chatter around the room, but no crazy noise.  I was tired at the end of the day, but very happy - this has got to be my best 100th Day ever!

We made our crowns yesterday - the Kinders wanted to wear them all day today!
We ate the number 100 for a quick morning snack!   

 The 100 Club.  "Members" join by counting to 100 for me.  Once they count to me, they get to write their name on their "membership card" with a Sharpie (more fun than a regular marker...)

100 piece snack - the kids counted out 10 pieces each of 10 different treats with the help of a volunteer dad.  (I was so lucky to have seven parents come it to help with our activities!)

Kinder Bakery - working in small groups, the kids counted out 100 sprinkles to create one of a kind cupcakes with the help of a mom.  They filled out a "recipe" card (see below).

I got the idea for these counting mats from Pinterest. They are laminated so that I can keep them from year to year.  (I made a class set because I thought they would be helpful when we study numbers to 100.)  The kids brought 100 small items from home, and with the help of a mom, they counted them by tens.

After placing a Fruit Loop onto each space of a 100s chart, they created colorful necklaces.  They placed a pony bead after each 10 "Loops."  
I didn't take a close-up, but the little slips of paper seen in many photos are the kids' schedules.  When they visited a station, they got a sticker.  Click *here* for a copy.

 100 Stamp Books.  Using 10 ten frames and 10 different rubber stamps, they kids had fun creating a unique book to practice counting by tens to 100.

 Secret code.  This is an older resource shared by one of my fabulous teaching partners, so I don't have a link.  Kinders filled in numbers on a 100s chart to reveal a hidden picture. 

As an optional activity, students & parents were invited to send me a photo of a collection of 100 items that were too big to fit into a zipper bag.  Several students did so, and we enjoyed a fun slide show as we ate our 100 item snack.  One little girl's collection was so creative, I asked her mom for permission to share it on my blog.  Happily, she has allowed me to share this fun collection. 

Hooray for 100th Day!  What did your class do?


  1. Congrats!!!! And amazing giveaway!!!! I loved looking at your post from last year about your 100th day. It gave me great ideas for this year. Thanks so much for all the amazing ideas :)

    1. Thank you! We finally had this year's 100th Day last week - check it out to see how we aged in one year! lol


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