Monday, March 5, 2018

Podcasts ~ Who Knew?

Recently I went on a trip to Cleveland with my daughter who owns a cute boutique in town. We attended a makers' fair so she could find some new artisan products for her inventory. (Her store, Aster + Gray, features American artisan made products ~ check out her Facebook page HERE.) When we hit the road, Gabrielle asked me if I wanted to listen to some Disney podcasts as we traveled. I have to say I was a bit skeptical about listening to what I thought would be boring. To my surprise I found them to be very interesting. Our family's love of all things Disney goes way back, and the podcasts provoked some fond memories & sparked some good conversation for Gabrielle and me.

When I came home, I decided to check out some podcasts on my own phone. I had to look on my "Utilities" screen of my phone in the folder that contains those apps I never look at, but can't delete. After locating the podcast app, I set about searching for interesting things to listen to. Was I ever surprised to see the variety of topics! There is something for everyone: Entertainment, inspiration, education (could this count as Professional Development?), etc. After browsing through all the categories I put several "shows" into my library & to listen to as I do housework, get ready in the morning, workout, etc. So far I've only listened at home using WiFi (no need to actually save to your phone if you are on WiFi.) If I wanted to listen when I work outside or drive somewhere I would download them to my phone instead of using data.

The road trip to Cleveland not only let Gabrielle discover some new artisans (I can't wait for her new jewelry & tea to arrive!), but opened my eyes (umm ~ ears) to the amazing world of podcasts. I'm actually thinking about taking that little lost app out of the "Productivity" AKA "boring stuff I can't delete" folder & moving it to my purple page!

Here is a peek at Gabrielle's custom made counter ~ made by a local carpenter from deconstructed barns. Just about everything you see in this picture was made by American artisans; many of them from area. If you haven't checked out Gabrielle's store's Facebook page yet, HERE it is again. Better yet, if you happen to live in NW Indiana stop in!

Happy Listening!

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