Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Station for this Week

We finished last week's stations yesterday, and began a new round of stations today.  The lovely four day weekend we just had has thrown us off our usual Monday - Friday schedule.  It took a while, but last year we realized that it is nice to begin our stations on any day but Monday.  The reason being that we don't have to stay as long on Friday setting things up for the following week.  I usually don't leave school on weekdays until 4:30ish, so I don't mind staying a little longer (on any day but Friday...).

Word Work Station.  I found these word sliders at Make Take Teach blog.  There are more word families available, but I only printed up the families with short a.
I created this record sheet so the kids can write the words they read.  I always like to include some sort of record sheet in my stations.  They not only give the kids practice, but allow me to monitor their independent work, and lets parents see what their children are doing in class.

Writing Station.  As I have mentioned before, we often include letter practice, and fine motor activities in our writing stations.  This letter sorting activity is from a 2010 issue of The Mailbox.
Once they are finished sorting their letters, they can do this page from an older issue of Teacher's Helper.

Mrs. S. will be listening to the Kinders read these decodable and leveled books.

My station.  (Math Literacy)  We will be working with numbers to 5 using this Pumpkin Patch Number Bonds activity, my very first Teachers pay Teachers offering.
This record sheet is included in the activity set.

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