Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Truth About Teaching Kindergarten ~ Linky

Not too long ago as my class was walking to a special one of my little girls asked me to help her tie her sash.  Our school secretary was also in the hall.  She made the remark that she was surprised by the fact that Kindergarten Teachers do so much more than "simply teach."  That got me to thinking about all the different hats I wear as a Kindergarten Teacher.

In the course of the day I often am asked to play one or more of the following non-academic roles: wardrobe fixer (untied sashes, twisted straps, bunchy sleeves, stuck zippers, etc.), first aid administer (bandage applier, nose bleed stopper, lost tooth baggie giver, tissue hander-outer), lost & found director ("Mrs. Phillips, I can't find my other glove!" "Did you look in your pocket?"), drill sargent ("Walk facing front & keep your hands to yourselves."), coach, ("Keep up the good work!" "You can do it!"), yoga instructor ("Take a deep breath."  "Let's stretch."), mediator ("How do you feel when she said that?"  "What is another way to handle that?"), mommy (I give out & receive lots of hugs!), and the only stable adult in your life (this role makes me sad & happy ~ sad that it's needed, but happy to be it).  

Don't get me wrong ~ I'm happy to wear those hats.  But, it's no wonder I come home tired!  My good friend (fourth grade teacher) asserts that there is a special pass to Heaven for Kindergarten & First Grade Teachers!  (I taught fourth grade for one year.  I liked it, but do prefer working with the little kids.)

Here are a few more Truths About Teaching Kindergarten...

Kindergarten Teachers need to be crafty and organized.  Pinterest has really upped the creative teacher ante.  I have always been a crafty sort (it's in my genes), but now I find myself wanting to make things that are Pinterest-worthy.  (I do love to see my things pinned by others!)  With eighteen busy little kiddos to keep in control, I need to keep my stuff in control.  (This is a real challenge...)

Kindergarten teachers really appreciate the small stuff.  I was over the moon when a student gave me a pack of Sharpies during Teacher Appreciation Week last year.  Our elf had fun sitting in the sleigh a student made for me (it's sitting atop JOY blocks given to me by a student).  We are also peace keepers.  Helping little kids to learn to respect others is a a part of our job.

Kindergarten Teachers are good sports.  I DO NOT like bugs on me (in fact I really don't like nature to touch me). But, when the agriculture vocational students included the Kinders in a Monarch release I allowed this butterfly to ride around on my shoulder ~ to delight of my students.  When the Rainbow Loom craze was in full force I was gifted with many of these colorful accessories.  One day I wore them all!  I was such a fashionista!

Kindergarten Teachers know how to include others.  We plan field trips (we went to a county park & saw farm animals & hiked through the woods).  We schedule special guests (we learned about different types of soil by using food products, and got to touch the pelts of animals native to Indiana while we learned about what they do in winter).  We host parent (and in this case grandparent) volunteers.

But, the biggest Truth About Teaching Kindergarten is ~ I wouldn't want to do anything else!  

What are your truths?  Hop over to The Kindergarten Connection and link up yours!  


  1. Hi! I loved reading your Truths! I especially loved your opening paragraph about the many hats we wear. You nailed it!
    Suzanne @Kindergarten Planet

  2. Thank you so much for linking up! I loved every part of this! I especially loved your titles of the many hats we wear - they are so spot on! I had to smile when I saw the picture of you wearing all the rubber band jewelry. Last week some of my kids made me paper rings and bracelets. They had to measure my fingers and wrists and tape them on. I wore them all day. :)

  3. I loved reading your post. Kinders both need so much and give so much. They are a joy. Although I think it holds true through early childhood that first year of school is a special year.
    Grade School Giggles


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