Wednesday, January 25, 2017

100th Day 2017

Yay! Today was the 100th Day of kindergarten! (And, it was the first time that it occurred on on the actual 100th day ~ no snow days to postpone it this year!) As always, the kids had a great time, but what was a little different was the fact that it wasn't as "party" as in past years. Today was late start Wednesday, and the book fair! Throw in the fact that our day is chopped up into a bunch of little slices of time didn't allow us time to have a bunch of parents in to run our activities party-style. But, as I said, the kids had fun. (Plus, they didn't know any different...) Here are some pictures of our fun day. 

I was impressed by by the cute, creative tee shirts the kids & their families created. lol I noticed the day count chart by the calendar still says "99!" This photo was taken before we had our morning meeting. 

The kids had fun creating structures from red solo cups. They were excited when I told them that we can keep them out for playtime. What a fun & cheap STEM activity!

What does 100 look like? It was fun comparing bags of 100 items. I enjoyed listening to the students as they described different aspects of each material. As an optional activity I asked parents to take a pic of their child with a collection of 100 large items. I put them into  a slideshow for the kids to watch as they ate their 100 piece snack.

Flash forward 95 years! The Kinders has fun imaging themselves as 100 year olds. Their portraits included glasses, gray hair, and even a few wrinkles. Once they created their pictures they wrote about what they would do when they are 100. They have some good ideas! 

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It took a while, but the kids did a great job moving through the ten plates of snacks. They carefully counted out 10 of each item onto their plates. I stood at the end of the line and dumped everything into the paper lunch bag they had decorated for their special snack. This year I was able to find ten yummy treats that  were safe for nut allergies.Our school nurse gave me a list from "FARE" a website about food allergies. It's surprising how many good tasting things are available.

The kids had a great day & I'm super tired. :-) How do you celdbrate the 100th day of school?

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