Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yesterday we rounded out our Apple themed week with a word family apple tree and some apple math.  Even our Let's Find Out weekly lesson had apples in it!

We made -am words by picking an apple from the tree and placing it on the trunk.  I wrote on the trunk with a Sharpie.  Because the tree is laminated, the ink will easily come off with rubbing alcohol.

Making 8.  First, we used two sided counters to make 8 in different ways.  I put my apple basket work mat on my Elmo (how did I ever teach without it??) so the kids could "Match Me!"  Match Me is a favorite math game this year - I arrange a number or pattern on the Elmo for the Kinder to match.  They love it!  Anyway, after they matched my arrangement, we counted the yellow and red "apples" and I filled in the blanks on the white board.
Our Making 8 bulletin board!  After playing Match Me, the kids were instructed to make 8 any way they wanted.  They then wrote their numbers in the number sentence and traded the foam counters for paper apples.  Not only was this a math lesson, but an arts and crafts activity, too!
The apple baskets are super cute with the addition of stems and leaves!

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