Sunday, September 23, 2012

Literacy Stations "Test Run"

We have been busy "building stamina" for the past few weeks.  Daily 5 users may recognize this - practicing working in small groups using the "I-Chart" for guidance.  We don't really do a daily five, but a variation that includes a weekly five.  Our Literacy Stations include five activities that help students to practice important literacy skills (we sneak in a little Math Literacy to our stations work).

My Kinders have been working really hard to build enough stamina to be able to work in small groups.  They have done an amazing job!  It is so wonderful to watch them as they work quietly together on the simple tasks in their tubs.  Tomorrow we will do a test run of the real deal - instead of several various activities, the kids will be given specific tasks to do in their small groups.  I am confident that they will do a good job!

Writing Station.  Students will practice reading, spelling, and writing the sight words that we have learned so far.  I found the little magnet boards at Walmart this past summer for 99 cents each, and the little wipe off strips in the Target Dollar Spot (they still had a few the last time I looked).
 Mrs. S's Station.  Some more simple activities.  These all focus on initial sounds.  I didn't photograph it, but they will do a page from Teacher's Helper, too.
 Word Work Station.  Students will do a few pre-made letter naming activities and this freebie page.
My Station.  I will check students for letter naming while others use these rhyming activities.

Listening Station.  We still have to use these oldy moldy headphones - I ordered a new jack box and headphones, but they haven't come in yet.  Hopefully, I'll get them this week.  But, until then these old ones do work.

In addition to Literacy Stations, we will begin using our Skill Tubs this week.  So far, we have been working with small groups.  The Kinders work in pairs when using Skill Tubs.  Many of the things in these tubs are activities that they have done before.  I have found that the students are better able to work independently when the activities are familiar. 

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