Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Building Numbers 3 - 5

We have spent quite a bit of time working with numbers - composing and decomposing the numbers 3 - 5.  My Kinders have really enjoyed using a variety of manipulative to create number bonds.  Our corporation adopted Math in Focus - a Singapore approach to teaching math.  I really like the hands-on nature of this method of teaching math.  And, I think the Kinders like it, too!

Here are the anchor charts I made for the numbers 3 - 5.  They aren't very fancy, but they do the trick!

I know this is weird - the kids being backwards and all - but here is a glimpse of an activity we did to learn about the number 4.  Hula hoops were used to make life sized number bonds.  The kids stood inside the hoops to show part - part - whole.

These cupcake puppets are included in my number bond kit on Teachers pay Teachers.

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