Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turkey Day is Coming!

 Now that it is November, I thought that we should get going on our Thanksgiving themed projects.  This is an extra short month this year - it will be time to deck the halls before you know it!  Here are a few things we did today.

Tom the Turkey Word Family Bird.  I made this turkey to help my Kinders to practice making short i word families.  The turkey isn't fully attached to the black paper so the feathers can easily slip in and out of the "pocket."  To make -it words, the kids can select a feather and clip it on the brown shape above Tom's head with a clothespin.  The -it shape is attached with masking tape, so it will be easy to change word families. 
At Hats.  We brainstormed a list of -at words - the kiddos were amazed that they could easily spell and read -at words.  They wrote the words we spelled onto the hat band.

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