Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade & Grade

I am so excited to be a part of this great product Trade and Grade blog hop!  We teachers were paired with other same-grade level teachers to swap products to try out in our classrooms.  In my case, I got to be a part of a trio!  So, I got to try out two great products!

Happily, both of the products I received were Literacy Center activities!  I use a combination of traditional literacy stations & Daily 5 in my literacy block, so I am always looking for fresh ideas for my Kinders.

This first activity is from the Easter Egg Literacy Stations Bundle by Kinder Cakes.  These little girls are working together to sort long and short vowel pictures.  

Because I wanted to present the set as one activity, I glued the eggs onto colored card stock before I laminated them.  Each vowel set is one color ~ my kiddos can easily select one set of eggs from the basket.

This is not the only activity in this cute Easter set!  I plan to print the color words write the room and nonsense word sort to use after spring break!

                                               Easter Egg Literacy Bundle
Click HERE for a freebie sample!
Click HERE to purchase the whole set.

Next up are some CVC word puzzles from KT Teacher Tiff.  I found the little purple baskets at Target's Dollar Spot a while ago ~ they are perfect for holding the puzzles.  (I have one vowel set per basket.)

Because there are five sets (obviously...) I am able to place them on different tables in our Word Work area.  I feel that Kinders can never get too much CVC practice & this set offers a great variety of activities to keep 'em interested!  I will be printing up more puzzles & CVC spelling cards while I'm on spring break.


Click HERE for a freebie sample!
Click HERE to purchase the whole set.

I am so excited to be able to use these fantastic products in my classroom.  They both offer fun and engaging activities to help my Kinders to practice important literacy skills.  Thank you Sarah & Tiffany!  

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