Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sequencing ~ How to Writing

Just in time for cold & flu season!  Before Christmas break my Kinders worked on sequencing ~ ordering cards, completing pages, and finally creating collaborative posters on How to Wash Your Hands.  Perfect for this germy time of year!

Here are some samples of the pages the kiddos did ~ there are two versions for differentiation. 
 I forgot to take pictures of the actual cards, so I just pasted on the images.

I always am amazed at how well Kinders can work collaboratively on a project.  It does take a bit of training, but they usually get really good at sharing materials and ideas.  This little trio had to work a little harder at dividing up the workload, but their poster turned out well.  

These girls used their sequencing pages as guides for their work.  The kids completed the pages during Writers' Workshop the day before creating their posters.  They worked independently to complete the pages, but did have time to share with their partners to be sure they had the pictures in the correct order.  

The Kinders love having lots of different spaces to work.  This little table is a cast-off my daughter found when moving into her college apartment.  She didn't want it, but knew I could use it in my classroom.  Hubby cut the legs to kindergarten table height for me.  It's been in lots of different places around my room & is getting a little wobbly. But, it should hold up for the rest of the year.  Once summer rolls around, I think I'll bring it home to shore up the legs and maybe give it a new coat of paint.  (I'm thinking pink or purple.)

Here are three examples of the completed posters.  We hung them by our sinks and in our classroom restroom.  Hopefully they will serve as a reminder to wash hands!  (Fingers crossed!)

If you would like to purchase this, please click HERE.

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  1. I love the cut n paste sequencing activity before writing. It gives them an easily accessible reference. Wonderful!


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