Tuesday, February 3, 2015

100th Day 2015

We FINALLY got to have our 100th Day of Kindergarten.  It should have been last Wednesday, but with snow days, it was pushed to yesterday.  But, you guessed it ~ another snow day!

Snow Day!

My driveway & the street ~ not much difference!

We had two of our little sweeties stay with us over the weekend.  We built "Jeremy the Snowman" on Sunday.  By Monday he looked "a fright!"  Soon to be five Isabella said that he reminded her of the snowman in the book (Snowmen at Night).  Her mommy (daughter Sarah) is also a kindergarten teacher, so I was sure to text her ~ being the teacher nerds that we are, Isabella's text to self connection made us very excited!  We had an extra day of fun yesterday.  

Well, back to 100th Day...

100th Day shirts. 

100 cup structures.  Who knew red Solo cups could be so much fun empty?  ;-)

The kids had fun creating gumball machines with 100 gumballs!  

Counting 100 small items & 100 piece snack.

Writing their name as many times as possible in 100 seconds, writing 100 tally marks, creating books with 100 rubber stamp imprints, and doing 100 exercises.

It started snowing shortly after school let out.  The weather man predicted another 1 - 3 inches over night & maybe a little freezing rain mixed in...  
Crazy Indiana weather!  I'm so happy that we finally reached our 100th day of kindergarten!  

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