Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Reading Buddies

Today was our first time meeting with our third grade reading buddies. The Kinders were sooo excited! Our three third grade classes have been pairing up with one of our three kindergarten classes for the past few years to share books and fun. In addition to reading, we get together with our buddies to do crafts, share snacks, and enjoy each other's company.

It is a great way for the third graders to practice their fluency while they are serving as role models for the little ones. There is always a number of my former Kinders amongst our buddies. I love to see how much they have grown ~ it's especially exciting to hear some of my former struggling readers reading to my current students. And, as the year progresses it is so wonderful to see the excitement of my little kiddos as they read to their third grade buddies!

The Reading Buddies idea has caught on school-wide: first & fourth pair up, as do second & fifth. The kids love it! Here are a few pictures of our first Buddy Day.

Reading Buddy Time gives all levels of readers an opportunity to practice their reading & listening skills. I love to see the happy interactions between the big & little kids.

  A sweet big brother ~ little sister duo. 

Another sibling match-up. I had big brother and find myself calling my current little guy his brother's name. If they weren't different ages you would swear they were twins!

A couple more pictures of some cuties reading.

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