Friday, February 17, 2012


My students had fun learning about penguins.  We researched the different breeds and habits using books and the Internet.  They had fun sharing their knowledge of penguin facts by writing a collaborative 'report' and making a Are You Taller than a Penguin? poster for the hallway.  We made penguin crafts -  stencilled penguins and penguin Valentine bags. 

Are you Taller than a Penguin?  The K - 2 kids in our hallway were excited to find out if they were taller than the largest penguin; the Emperor Penguin.  (Most of my kinders were not!)

We cut an oval out of a piece of black paper (folded length-wise) to create both the wings and a stencil for sponge painting a white penguin belly.  Once the paint was dry, the oval was cut along the fold line and glued on as wings, and other penguinish details were added.
I love how cute these little fellas turned out!  The wings are a black oval glued onto the back of the bag.  Everyone was excited about making these to collect their Valentines!

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