Saturday, February 25, 2012

Literacy Stations for next week

My teaching partners and I use the term "Stations" for our small group literacy work.  We use the term "Centers" for our Developmental Centers (Dramatic Play, Building, Library/Literacy, Math, Discovery, and Sand Centers).  During our Literacy Stations students work in small groups to practice target skills and are done during our 90 minute Literacy Block.  Developmental Centers are at the end our our day.  We stagger our Stations time within the Literacy Block so that our awesome Kinder Teaching Assistant can run one of the stations. One station is teacher led, and the other three are student/parent volunteer led (I have parent volunteers helping with stations on Wednesday and Thursday).

Here are my stations for next week.

I got this pocket chart in Target's Dollar Spot a few years ago.  I use it to organize my Stations.  Each day the yellow cards move down one pocket, with the bottom moving to the top spot.  (The paper at the bottom explains how to rotate the cards in the event of my absence.)
Reading Station.  Led by our teaching assistant, students will read this week's on level reader.  They will then complete the response sheet by writing words onto the "jewels" in the treasure chest. 

The reading response form above is from this book.
Group Listening Station.  After listening to the story students will complete the form below.  The basket holding the forms is another Target dollar find.

The Listening Station record sheet came from this book.
Literacy Station.  Students will practice beginning and ending sounds using these activities.  The file folder game is by Carson Dellosa (I think) and the other two are from Mailbox.

After students have completed the above Literacy activities they will complete this page from a Teacher's Helper magazine.
Writing Station.  This week the students will  create sight word spelling cards.  Using multiple  colored pencils, they will write and trace the words on index cards.  These will be strung on yarn and used as a reference tool when writing.
Math Literacy Station. We sneak a little math into our literacy block.  Students will examine, compare, and sort shapes.

 Once students have had an opportunity to interact with the shapes, they will complete this page (from a 2009 Mailbox).  In addition to working with shapes, students will practice writing numerals & shape words, and work on following written directions. (This is the station I usually lead.)

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