Friday, November 15, 2013

Holy Cow! I'm Posting My Five on Friday!

Wow!  I feel on top of things ~ as long as I try not to think about my Bin of Shame on the floor behind my desk...  Every year I vow to not allow stuff to pile up, and I've been pretty good so far this year.  I stayed after for a little while to work on my Literacy & Math stations for next week, and it happened ~ the dreaded Bin of Shame made its appearance!  You know the one ~ an innocent looking little bin that holds a couple of things you need to sort through that somehow morphs into a huge pile of "I was wondering where that was!" by the end of the year.  I am determined not to allow this little white bin turn into an unwieldy pile!  If it's rainy this weekend, I may spend a couple of hours in my classroom to rid myself of the Bin of Shame as well as the Piles of Shame that are lurking in the corners waiting to pounce while I'm benchmark testing my Kinders.

We had a CrAzY week ~ it snowed on Tuesday.  Seriously... it's still November!  Needless to say my little Midwestern Kinders reacted to the white stuff as if they had just been dropped here from the Equator and were seeing snow for the very first time.  Of course, not everyone had snow pants & boots yet, so that lead to a chorus of "Why can't I play in the snow?"  Happily it is pretty much gone, so recess has gone back to normal.  Let's see, we had fire & lockdown drills, three birthdays, a full moon is on its way, and today was  reward  that they had been looking forward to all week.  Oh, and I got observed.

Anyway, despite all craziness, my little cuties made me proud & made me smile.  Here are five things from this week.  Happy Friday!

1. The Pilgrims crowd into the Mayflower!  The Kinders made these adorable pilgrims for our hallway bulletin board using a cute craftivity from Kindergarten Smiles.
 OK, so I work with some amazing people ~ some amazing people with a sense of humor.  When my class was at recess, and I was working on things in my room, they added a little more details to my bulletin board!
 The plane! The plane!  Love Boat!

2. Reward Day. My Kinders filled their class ten frames last week.  Yay!  For their reward we had Stuffed Animal Day today!  They brought their favorite - small - plush friend to school today.  Here they are reading -at family flip books to their friends.

3.  We broke out the glitter today!  I like to use the lids of copier paper cartons as "glitter stations."  A piece of construction paper makes pouring the glitter back into the little apple sauce containers.  Some of my glitter stations are over five years old!

4.  Yesterday my Kinder Diva partners and I  went to Elkhart to the Free Teacher store to do a little "shopping."  Well, it's not really shopping if it's all free is it?  Anyway, here is a picture of us with our overflowing shopping carrs.

5.  My newest product!  Check it out HERE!

I have a companion set for literacy.  You have until tomorrow (11/16/13) to enter to win this set.  Click HERE to enter.

Ta Da!  My Five for Friday!



  1. I love the glitter. I haven't been brave enough to use it with my TK kids, yet.

    Kinder Princess

    1. Once they learn how to glitter, it's not too messy. ;-)

  2. Your pilgrims are great, too! I may just have to put mine in the Mayflower next year!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten


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