Sunday, December 29, 2013

The words are returning...

I spent a couple hours yesterday going through my older posts ~ changing my captions to text.  I'm almost done (I think).  Geeze, I wish I had never written my thoughts as captions.

That being said, I have also been busy working on some new things for Teachers pay Teachers.  I want to finish up my new winter projects before we go back to school next week so I can use them.  Part of our first week back will be spent finishing up a few loose ends so I can get my report cards done.  Last year I had them done before Christmas, so I feel like a serious slacker.  Well, the 2 hour fog delay on the day I had planned to do the last part of our math test didn't help.

We are also going to spend some time discussing books ~ author, illustrator, characters, etc.  We do talk about them a lot, but I want to spend a little more focused time discussing these elements.  I have created a little set of posters to help my kiddos remember what is what.  I plan to do a little redo of some of my bulletin boards one day next week, and I want to hang them in an easy to see spot.

Here is a sampling ~ I have seven posters.  Click HERE if you want to check them out at my TpT store.

Another thing I want to do next week (I really don't plan to spend my remaining Christmas break at school, but I have lots of plans... We'll see what gets done for real!).  Oh, where was I?  Another thing...  I want to revamp my writing station. Now that my students have become pretty good little writers, I think it's time to pump it up a little.  One thing that they love love love is Write the Room.  They usually choose it during writing, and a number of Kinders would rather write the room than play during our free choice center time!  I like to keep generic write the room pages in their writing binders, but for our stations time, the kids like themed paper that goes with the current word cards.  One of the items I just finished includes the Write the Room my kids will use the first week back in January.  

 This set includes 3 activities: Write the Room, Spin & Write, and Roll & Write.  We use "Wonders" for our reading series, so most of the words are what we will be studying in the next couple of weeks.  
Click HERE to check it out at TpT.

Being the Busy Bee that I am, I also made this set for my Word Work Stations. Now, I just need to get going on my new math centers, and I'll be ready to move onto Valentine's Day!  

For this product I made one set of picture and letter cards.  Use them for four different activities to practice naming the medial vowels, and spelling CVC words.  I want to try to make more items that have multiple uses.  I love all of the cute cards, but it does take a while to prepare everything...  So, I began thinking about how to :work smarter," and this little product was born! :-)  Click HERE to buy.

Well, thanks for sticking with me through all of this!  Click HERE to get a little FREEBIE!


  1. thanks so much for sharing all of your new stuff! It all looks fantastic! Thanks for the freebie, too! A new year surprise! )


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