Friday, February 7, 2014

100th Day 2014

It took a long time to get to 100 days of Kindergarten (so very many days off because of snow & crazy cold temperatures), but we finally got to have our 100th Day Celebration yesterday!  It was So. Much. Fun!  I thought I would use our 100th Day fun for my Five for Friday.

 My teaching partners and I dressed up as 100 year old ladies.  (I'm the one in the lovely frock on the right.  FYI ~ I'm wearing a wig!  My hair is not really that color! lol)  We had so much fun.  Of course, I really hammed it up pretending to be an old lady.  I don't think I've ever called the students "whipper snappers" as many times (if ever) as I did yesterday.  The Kinders knew we were dressing up, but the other kids did not.  We teachers stand outside our doors as the kiddos enter the building ~ the looks on the first & second graders' faces were priceless!  And, I have to say other teacher & parent volunteers were pretty amused by our oldster antics yesterday!  This will definitely be an annual event!
 Some of my Kinders got into the fun & dressed up!

 This year we made 100 fish Schools of Fish bowls.  With the help of a parent volunteer, my little sweeties made four different bowls of fish.  They counted out groups of 10 fish, and glued them to the large fish bowls.  After completing the task, the parent volunteer helped them to fill out their school information.
 The bowls are now hanging in the hallway for all to see.
The "Schools" were given a name & the student roster was filled out.  The "teachers" are the students who helped to count & assemble the fish students.

I was so fortunate to have lots of volunteers ~ two grandmas, one grandpa, two moms, and one dad ~ to help with our 100th Day activities. (And, this was after another postponement of our 100th Day!  Our original rescheduled 100th Day was supposed to be Wednesday.)  I love the fact that parents & grandparents are able to volunteer in our classroom.  Their presence adds so much to the lives of my little students, and I am so thankful for their enthusiasm and help!  These pictures are of two more of our 100 themed stations ~ creating booklets of 10 ten frames stamped with 100 stamps, and completing a variety of 100th Day themed puzzle & activity pages.
 The Kinders made necklaces of 100 Fruit Loops ~ with a pony bead between each group of 10 cereal pieces.  To make it easier for the kiddos to keep track of their cereal pieces, they first placed their Fruit Loops onto a 100 chart.  I used a stiff beading string for the necklaces ~ much more kid friendly than yarn or string with tape on the end.  It was a little more pricy than regular string, but happily our PTO allotted $200 for Kindergarten 100th Day Celebration materials!  (We have a fabulous PTO comprised of supportive and dedicated parents who really work to make our little school the best it can be!)
 100 piece snack. The Kinders created a tasty snack of ten pieces of ten different treats with the help of a volunteer grandma.  They really liked the fact that Skittles & M&Ms were a part of their choices!
 Counting 100 items.  Each child brought in a collection of 100 small items to count by ones, tens, fives, and twos.  I made the counting mats last year.  They are laminated & should last for years to come.  It was interesting to see the collections that they came up with ~ I don't think anyone brought the same items!
 No 100th Day Celebration would be complete without crowns & a little bit of writing!  
These crowns are from my daughter Sarah's TpT store.  Click HERE to purchase her 100 Days Smarter Set.  She has lots more than the crowns in her set!
 Get both the writing page & coloring page in my 100th Day freebie HERE.

We had a WONDERFUL 100th Day of Kindergarten!  I hope my little students will keep the memories of all the fun we had.  They were well behaved & happy ~ something I will always keep as a cherished memory of my 100th day with them.  I hope you all have (or had) a wonderful 100th Day of school!  If you write a post about your day, I would love to hear about it ~ leave a comment with a link to your post & I will check it out!  Here's to 80 more days (weather permitting)!

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  1. It's obvious that your class had a blast and I love the 100 year old teachers! What fun!

    1. It was a super fun day! I had way more fun being an old lady than I ever thought I would ~ despite the itchy wig!

  2. You made it past the 100th Day. Looks like you have a fun team to teach with. The days seem to go faster now. Have a nice spring.


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