Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Snow Day

Can you believe it?  We are out of school again because of the snow.  Today was going to be our 100th Day of school (really ~ if we hadn't had all those other snow days, we would have had our 100th Day back in January!)

But, I did make good use of my day off. (No, I didn't get caught up on laundry or anything like that.)  I finished my Valentine's Day math set.  And, made a quick V-Day Freebie to boot!

Here are the links to my Valentine's Day products.  (Plus a plea for followers.  Seriously ~ I only need 3 more people to follow me on Bloglovin' & I will get the giveaway going for some serious prizes!  Click HERE to see what you could win.)

My recently finished Math set.  Click HERE to purchase.  (Half off until the weekend!)
My companion Literacy set.  Click HERE to purchase. (Half off, too!)
And, HERE'S the freebie!

As you can see, they all are cutely companionable!  And, perfect for your Math & Literacy Stations next week!

If you are interested in more freebies, check out these linky parties:


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