Friday, January 31, 2014

It's the Last Day of January!

Where did the time go?  I don't think we had one normal week this month.  We started three days later than scheduled this month, a number of two hour delays, and just this week two more days off because of the cold.  Another possible Polar Vortex (or some other sort of cold weather nonsense) is forecasted for next week.  Yes, I know I live near in Indiana not too far from Lake Michigan, but this is getting ridiculous! But, maybe the groundhog will turn things around this Sunday!  :-)

But, it is Friday ~ and time for another Five for Friday linky!

State Superintendent of Public Education Glenda Ritz visited our school today because of our National Blue Ribbon status.  She was gracious and friendly ~ I was happy that she agreed to pose with me for my blog!

We worked on alphabetical order this week.  Here are a couple of cuties using cards from my Monkeying Around with Alphabetical Order set.

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Sorting Shapes with my Winter Shapes Activities set.
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 A winter favorite ~ Deanna Jump's Sneezy the Snowman activity set.

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I asked my Kinders if they knew what Sunday was...  Their answers were in this order: #1.  "My sister's birthday." #2. Super Bowl Sunday #3 Groundhog's Day.  I thought it was funny that so many kiddos replied "Super Bowl Sunday!"  I guess they must be the children of football fans!  We made these cute Groundhog puppets last year ~ the kids had so much fun with them, that we did it this year, too.  They had fun decorating the inside of their groundhogs' burrows - the one above is at "Groundhog school."  They also wrote Winter on one side & Spring on the other side.  

My weekend Dollar Sale!
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