Friday, January 17, 2014

Hibernation and a Freebie

This past week my Kinders had fun learning all about hibernation.  Little kids are naturally drawn to animals, so they really got excited about this topic.  To get the topic started we turned to books ~ there are lots of great fiction & nonfiction books available.  Here are some that we shared:

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Before we read any of these books, we began a KWL chart to see what we already knew about hibernating animals ~ it was pretty skimpy.  The kiddos knew that bears hibernated in winter, but not much else. On Thursday (no school Friday) we completed the L part ~ we needed another piece of chart paper to list everything we learned!  Here are some pictures (just in time for Five for Friday) of some of the fun we had!

1. Collaborating to make posters.  This was the first time I had my Kinders collaborate to create informational posters.  The kiddos worked with their partners (I have paired up the kids ~ they sit next to their partner on the carpet, and work work with them for partner activities.  We change partners every month.)  I was super happy at how well the kids worked together!  They really demonstrated collaboration and created some pretty great posters!

 It makes me so happy to see how nicely they worked together (even the trio ~ those three worked together because one student was absent). 
 The Kinders proudly presented their work!

Of course, we needed to show off a little!  We made some cute craftivities and did some writing for our hallway bulletin board. 

 2.  This sleeping bear craftivity is included in my Hibernation Mini Unit.  It is a new addition to the set ~ if you purchased it, redownload it to get the pattern.

3.  Here is an outstanding example of some writing.  The little author wrote this All. By. Herself.  (Can you see me doing the Happy Dance?) 

Writing pages are also included in the updated version of my Hibernation unit.

4.  One Dollar Special.
Click HERE to snap up your set for $1.00 this weekend!  The companion Literacy & Math Center set is only $2.00 this weekend so you can create a fun themed week for your students.

OK, so this has absolutely nothing to do with hibernation, but it is handy.  I have a very bad habit of not remembering usernames & passwords, so I created this to help me to be a little more organized.  Grab it HERE, and then head over to The Primary Gal to pick up some more freebies!  If you like any of my products, please rate it.  Not only will you help me, you will get TpT credit to use towards more purchases.

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Have a great weekend!

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