Friday, January 24, 2014

I am So Over the Cold!

Really ~ I am very, very tired of being cold!  We had two hour delays yesterday & today because of the extreme cold (wind chills way below zero).  Rumor has it that it may be so cold Monday that school may be cancelled.  It's not certain, but the forecast for northwest Indiana includes highs that don't reach zero.  UGH!  We already have to make up one day from earlier in the month.  What in the world do those of you who live in Alaska or other northern places do?

Well, for now I'm all toastified (granddaughter Isabella's word) at home in flannel PJs (and a scarf), and ready to link up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.

 This week we started working on alphabetical order.  I don't spend a lot of time with this skill ~ but I feel it's an important skill to introduce.  I found this great freebie at Kinder Craze.  I am actually working on a product to help my Kinders to practice this skill, but it's not done yet, so this little freebie was a great find!

 Math Baskets, Tubs & Folders.  In the style of Daily 5, I am trying to incorporate more choice into our Math Block.  We begin our Math Block with group activities and guided practice.  I have set up Math Baskets, Tubs & Folders for early finishers.  By having a variety of activities available my little students are able to choose what they want to do while I work with strugglers and the slower workers.  These activities not only keep them engaged in learning while I'm busy, they offer extra practice on many skills.  Because this particular group of Kinders LOVES write the room, I always try to have clipboards ready for Math Write the Room.

 I am a big proponent of play in kindergarten.  It is soooo important for the littles to be able to engage in imaginative play.  The fact that about one third of my kiddos received tablets for Christmas, and the fact that most of them spend time daily playing video games makes "free play" all the more important!  I know that technology is a huge part of our lives (WHAT would I do without my beloved iPad??).  But, I worry that all that technology is getting in the way of creativity and being able to have fun without batteries. I have a group of Kinders who love to play restaurant in our Dramatic Play Center.  The puppet theater is the counter of their drive through restaurant.  They pull chairs up to it like a car and place their orders.  This week it was the "Brger Pallis!"  I am a frequent patron of their restaurant and am treated to lovely entrees and desserts only a six year old can create!

Snowy pictures.  These actually include a little bit of math ~ we made these as a final lesson on flat shapes.  We do a craft project on Fridays ~ the Kinders Work. So. Hard. all week long I like to give them a creative outlet Friday afternoon.  Last week the kiddos cut shapes and assembled houses onto light blue paper.  Q-Tips & white paint transformed them into Winter Wonderlands!  A great companion book for this project is Snow by Uri Shulevitz.

Finally, don't miss the Facebook Free-for-All!  Beginning tomorrow you will be able to grab some great freebies!  These products are normally paid items, but for this weekend they are FREE!  I am offering my Dr. Seuss - er Sss - inspired Nonsense Word Sort set.  This is one of my most popular products, so I thought lots people would like to get it for free!  Click HERE to get started at my Facebook page.  Like my page, and get my freebie (my link is working already, some won't be available until tomorrow morning).  From my page you will be able to click to the main page where you will find freebies for all grade levels.  But, don't wait ~ the freebies won't last!  On Monday the products will revert to paid items.

And, while you are hopping around the internet, please check out my Teachers pay Teachers store.  This weekend I have my Hoot for Place Value for half off!  (Several other items are on sale, too!)

Have a great weekend & stay warm!


  1. I love your Bergr Pallis! So precious! I am so looking forward to the Facebook Free-For-All this weekend. It was a lot of work figuring it out, but it is going to be so worth it.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury

    1. Thanks! This is the first group of Kinders I've had who consistently play drive through restaurant. The menus have certainly gotten better as the year progressed. :-)

  2. Your Brgr Pallis made my day! Yeah for creativity and free play!

    1. Thanks! My mantra is "Say the word slowly and write what you hear." It warms my heart that they listen! I couldn't imagine a kindergarten classroom without opportunities for free play ~ thank goodness my principal understands the value in open ended play.


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