Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Break is (finally) over & a 1/2 Off Sale

We had a much longer Christmas break than was planned!  Thanks to the crazy snow and cold, our vacation was extended by three days!  I guess I can't really complain ~ a two day week was just what was needed to ease us into the new year. (And, today was even a 2 hour delay thanks to freezing fog!)  It is now raining with a forecasted high around 40 for the weekend.  Weird weather.  But, given the fact that it is January, and I live in Indiana, winter is by no means over.  Therefore, I decided to put all of my winter themed items for sale this weekend for 1/2 off!  Hop over to my TpT store and grab some bargains for your winter activities.

1. SUPER cold!  It's hard to believe that just a few days ago we were under a state of emergency and pictures like the one above were floating around Facebook.

Displaying photo.PNG

This is a screen shot of my ipad this past Monday.  The background picture doesn't really look like Indiana...  Plus, we did have a lot of snow on the ground.   But, check out the windchill!  BRRRR

2. Indoor snow day!

Sarah brought in some snow so the girlies could play in snow despite the frigid temperature!  I started doing  this when Sarah & Emily wanted to play outside the winter Gabrielle was born.  I covered the floor with beach towels and brought in buckets of snow.  I dressed the girls in snowpants, boots, and mittens & gave them kitchen utensils.  Once they were tired of the snow, I simply tossed the towels into the bathtub & wiped up the melted snow (water) off the floor.  My girls had fun in the snow, I didn't have to try to go outside with a newborn, AND my kitchen floor got "mopped!"  I'm glad that Sarah has continued this tradition!

3.  Military Ornaments

Gabrielle's boyfriend is in the Marines & when she heard that the library was hosting a Christmas tree honoring our local members of the military, she created a pretty patriotic ornament.  She got such rave reviews of her contribution to the "Hero Tree" that she has decided to sell them.  If you are interested in purchasing one for your military hero ~ any branch, not just Marines ~ email me at and I will pass your request along to Gabrielle.

4.  Chevron Planner

Do you need a new planner for 2014?  If you love a "certain brand" of planners, but don't want to spend $50, check out Sarah's cheveron planner.  She made this for Gabrielle for Christmas & it is available on Teachers pay Teachers!  Click HERE to purchase.

5.  Friday Free for All

My freebie for the week is something I made to help my Kinders to practice adding & subtracting using manipulatives.  Grab it HERE.

Well, that's my Five for Friday.  Hop over to Doodle Bugs Teaching & link up your five random things!

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