Friday, May 30, 2014

Final Five for Friday in May

It's already the last Friday of May!  With only five more days of school to go, I find myself asking, "Where did the time go?"  I do love summer vacation, but I am going to miss my little cuties.  This has been a GREAT year (wild winter weather & all). 

To celebrate the end of the year, I am having a sale!  Everything is at least 20% off, and some of my best selling items are only $1.00!  Now's the time to grab some bargains.  Print & laminate them in the summer.  After you are done shopping, hop over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for another great Five for Friday.

1. Year End Sale!  Visit my store to find some great bargains!

On sale for $1.00 until Tuesday are:

Animal Themed Literacy Activities aligned to the CCSS                   Animal Themed Number Sense Activities aligned to the CCSS
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     Hibernation - mini unit expanded!
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Pumpkin Patch Literacy Centers - aligned with CCSS                     Pumpkin Patch Number Sense Activity Pack - Aligned to the CCSS
Click HERE to purchase for $1.00!                              Click HERE to purchase for $1.00!

2.  Making "ten rods" with pony beads!  My Kinders had so much fun stringing pony beads onto chenille stems to make ten rods.  I now have more than a class set of ten rods ~ and they are fun & colorful!  After the littles strung them on the stems, my middle & high school helpers curled up the ends to secure the beads.  (I teach in a K - 12 building, so I am lucky to have "big kids" volunteer in my classroom!)

We used ten frames to keep track of the beads before placing them on the stems.

We used our beads to play this fun game from one of Deanna Jump's amazing Guiding Kinders Math sets.  Check out the awesomeness HERE.

3.  With report card testing done, we have had a little more free time in our days this week!  My little students have worked so hard, and learned so much this year.  I am happy to let them take some time for creative outlets! 

4. Memorial Day family "picnic."  Well, we ate our meal inside, but we did spend a lot of time outdoors.  My house boasts an absolutely fabulous covered front porch (my favorite summertime hangout!).  My precious granddaughters had fun playing in the turtle sandbox!

5.  Horsey Girls!  Ten month old Amelia takes after her mom ~ she loves the horses!  (Try to ignore how dirty Alice is ~ she seriously needs a bath!  lol)

Isabella & Olivia are just like their aunt and cousin when it comes to horsing around!  Isabella has discovered that the ramp to the manure spreader makes a good balance beam.  Isabella likes to hop on Alice whenever she can.  This was Olivia's first try at being an equestrian! 

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