Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Clean Up Blog Hop

I am very excited to be a part of this fun blog hop!  I try to keep my classroom neat & organized.  It really is a lot of work keeping things neat when you have eighteen busy little kiddos hanging around all day!  I have created spaces for my literacy activities that are kid friendly ~ and are usually pretty organized at the end of the day.  Here are some pictures of the different areas in my room where literacy takes place.

This is our Writing Station.  It features a round table & lots of writing activities and words.  The tree on the left was inspired by Rocket Writes a Story ~ Rocket collects words & displays them on a bush.  We post words that aren't on the word wall or easily spelled.  Other words are collected on chart paper & on book rings that are stored in a bin.  The basket on the table holds pencils, erasers, crayons, glue sticks, scissors,  highlighters, and a stapler for the kids to use when they write.

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Close-ups of the Writing Station.  The orange bins sit on top of the Manipulative Center's storage cabinet.  They hold various writing activities.  The yellow inset shows our Write the Room materials.  The other pictures show what is on the counter behind the table.  More bins & stackable paper trays hold lots of choices for writing practice. 

Our classroom library is in a prominent place of the room.  I like for books to be the centerpiece of our day.
I use little tubs to store my "I Can Read It" type books, my leveled readers are in the green & yellow bins on the cart.  Our colorful book bins are arranged on top of the shelves.  I put numbered labels on them rather than student names.  This way I don't have to relabel them each year.

The back of this cabinet is seen in the library.  I was so excited to get it last year to hold my Word Work activities.  My Kinders are able to grab a tub, and take it to their seat.  More Word Work activities are in the baskets (from Target's Dollar Spot) on top of the cabinet. 

 More Word Work area!  I like to provide my students with lots opportunities to work with words.  Baskets, bins, tubs, and little buckets from the Dollar Spot help to keep everything organized.

I keep a binder & clipboard at my half circle table to keep track of my Strategy Groups & student data.  
Get a copy of the planning pages HERE

 Tools for my Strategy Groups are kept within reach at my table.

 I created this colorful storage unit for my letter cards by covering the drawers of a tool bench organizer with washi tape.  Now I can easily get the letters I need ~ and easily put them away!

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my Literacy Spots!

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  1. Cleaning and organizing your classroom can really take so much time and effort, but everything will be all worth it if you know that your students are safe against bacteria. Aside from those fabulous boxes that you have, I’m pretty sure you have kid-friendly cleaning materials for the room. I do hope you'll be able to maintain the cleanliness of your classroom. Have a great day!

    Alex Burke @ ICA Supply


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