Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flip Flop Blog Hop

Yay!  Summer is almost here!  But, there are enough days of school left to think about adding some new activities to your classroom.  I'm so excited to join a group of amazing bloggers & TpT sellers in this fun Flip Flop Blog Hop!  For this blog hop we were paired with another teacher, traded products, and got to use them in our classrooms.  I was lucky to be paired up with Maja Austin of Kooky Kinders.  I was doubly lucky that she uses the same reading series that I do, and the product that she sent me was a fun sight word review game! 

Maja shared her Fishy Scrambled Sight Word Match game.  Click HERE to purchase.

This set included cute fish bowl & colorful fish cards.  The bowls had mixed up sight words ~ the fish had the sight words.  The object was, of course, to match the scrambled words to the correct fish.
I found that this set was great for differentiation with my small groups.  Some of my kiddo were able to figure out the words just by looking at them, others used magnetic letters to help them to figure out what their words were.

As a twist on the game, some of my Kinders selected a fish card & found the matching scrambled word.  Also included (not pictured) are some record sheets that help to extend the learning.  The words included are the sight words from the Wonders reading series, but even if you don't use Wonders, it is a great addition to your literacy stations!  I highly recommend it!  :-)

I was inspired by Maja's cute fish product to create a little fish freebie for you.  My little cuties have been working very diligently on reading CVCe words, so I created a little memory game to share.  Get it HERE

And, now hop over to Teach Two Reach 2nd Grade Happenings to see another fabulous product in action!


  1. I am so glad your students enjoyed the game! Your product is amazing!!

  2. Love this! It says that Flying into first is the next stop but the site does not have anything past the date of May 7! Any ideas on that?


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