Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dr. Seuss Week

Like most kindergarten classes we celebrates everyone's favorite doctor's birthday with a week of Seuss~tastic activities. I snapped a few pictures of our fun to share with you.

We began our week with the Cat. For fun we made these cute hats ~ a simple project, but the kids loved them. As I was stapling the bands onto them I had to laugh at the fact that little kids like to wear paper hats. This little troop took the craft a step further ~ they used scraps to fashion cat-like bow ties! The little guys on the right made tabs to hook their ties onto their shirts, the two on the left started to glue their ties onto their shirts. :-) I quickly gave them a piece of tape...

In the background you can see our hallway craft tree bedecked with some pretty awesome directed drawings of the Cat. I found the directions on Forever in First. The kids were so surprised at how much like the Cat their pictures turned out (for the most part). They are all so cute (I'm particularly fond of the last one).

There's a Wocket in my pocket, and a ____ in my ____. After reading the book my Kinders worked in pairs to create their own silly combo. Can you read the first one? If you hang around little kids long enough I'm sure you know that the Zore is in their drawer. The last one is a great illustration of the sweet innocence of littles.

Finally, we made these cute little Hortons The faces are painted paper plates (who doesn't love a good paper plate project), and the ears & trunk are printed on card stock. (This pattern was given to me & it has no markings as to who made it. Is it yours? If so, please comment so you can get credit for this fun craftivity.) I always seem to be drawn to the less than perfect creations, which is why I took a pic of the little guy with VERY close-set eyes.

Well, that's another Wacky Week for the books!

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