Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden of Readers

As the year winds down, I like to reflect on just how far my Kinders have come since we first met in August.  Some of them didn't yet know all the letters of the alphbet, and now all of them are reading words!  We recently did this little project to showcase their reading prowess.

Blooming Readers!  The kids has fun creating simple flowers using paper plates and green paper.

Once their flowers were complete, they looked through magazines for words they could read.  The words were collected on the paper plate for my approval - they had to read their words to me before they could glue them onto the flowers.  As you can see by the flower in the lower right corner, this activity was differentiated; this higher level student found harder words.
 This is the first bulletin board seen upon entering our classroom.  Using different borders, I was able to create three different spaces.  It is a nice backdrop to our Listening Center and Popcorn Words Skill Spot. 


  1. Thanks! The kids really enjoyed making them, and they enjoy reading each others' words.


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