Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Newest Literacy Stations

Because of our four-day Easter weekend, we got off the schedule of starting new Literacy Stations on Mondays.  Last week it did seem strange to begin a new set of activities on Wednesday, but I think I like this new schedule:  No more staying late on Fridays to get everything set up!  I already stay until about 4:00 - 4:30 on Tuesday, so it shouldn't be a big deal.  And, I will hopefully get out the door a little earlier on Fridays!

Math Literacy.  One of my partners came up with this nifty Math activity.  It is a super cute tulip perfect for making number bonds with sums of ten.  The white discs are some byproduct of ?? that were donated.  The red discs on the leaves are two sided counters.  These are new, but I am thinking about getting out some of my old counters and drawing ladybug spots onto them.
Students will complete this record sheet as they make their number bonds.
Writing Station.  We have been working hard on writing sentences - complete with proper ending punctuation.  Students will work together to read each sentence and place the proper punctuation card at the end of each. 
Once they are finished working with the sentence cards, the kids will fill out this record sheet.  It has four of the same sentences that were on the cards, so hopefully they will be able to write the correct punctuation on the lines!  See bottom of this post for a link for a freebie of this activity.

Literacy Station.  The Kinders will use a Reading Robot to find the Sight Words hidden in this puzzle.  To make the robot, I cut out a small rectangle from a robot shaped note pad and laminated the pages, leaving the laminating film in the hole to make a window.  Yesterday I posted the link to a freebie of this activity.  In it I included a robot that you can use if you can't find these note pads.
Students will write the words that they find with their Reading Robots

 Reading Station.  The  mClass window has opened and our Kindergarten teaching assistant will be testing, so we wanted a pretty simple activity for this station (she usually runs this one).  Using a page found in the book below, students will color, cut out, and reassemble these month puzzles.  They will glue them onto construction paper in order.  Not shown are "cheat sheets" of the months in order and an early finishers page titled "My Birthday Month" where students can write the name of their birthday month and draw a picture of a birthday scene.

This is a really good resource for quick Literacy Centers.

Following are two links for the Punctuation Freebie.  I use two different programs when I made it.  They don't "like" to mix, so I had to save each component separately.  Sorry for the inconvenience!


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