Thursday, April 12, 2012

Literacy Stations

Our Literacy Stations sort of got off-track with the four-day weekend.  (Now, I am not complaining about a four-day weekend, but it does create a strange schedule...)  We began new Literacy Stations on Wednesday of this week, and will probably not be able to get back onto our "New Stations on Monday" routine.  Oh, well... the kids don't seem to mind if the new activities begin some other day than Monday. 

Writing Station.  Write the Room - with a twist... On the left side of the page students write the words that they know, and on the right side they write words that they see everyday in the room, but don't know what they say.  Once their list is completed, they can read their words to a friend.  They can also ask a friend to help them figure out what the unknown words are.  Of course, a clipboard, star glasses and a sparkly pencil make this activity more fun!
Literacy/Word Work Station.  The kids are having fun playing Oh No! (see freebie in an earlier post).  The little book is for recording unknown words.  (Kind of a theme with our word activites this week.)  The star didn't copy well, so I have made one in black & white.  Click on the link below to print a new cover.
Reading Station.  The Kinders have been having so much fun with this activity, which was created by one of my wonderful teaching partners.  This is similar to a mad-lib, where sentences are filled in with words printed onto color-caded cards to make silly sentences.
Math Literacy.  My other wonderful teaching partner came up with this activity to practice making numbers using towers of ten cubes, and single cubes.  This has proven to be a pretty difficult concept for a number of children.  After working with the cubes, they complete the page below.

Click here for a black and white version of the Star Words Practice Book.

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