Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Under the Sea!

Last week we learned all about the ocean and its amazing animals.  Our reading series, Treasures, does a nice job of incorporating science themes into its weekly lessons.  I like to expand on those themes whenever possible - Kinders love science!  We looked at and read books (many students checked out "ocean" books on library day!), and explored the Internet to find photos of critters that live under the sea.

Under the Sea.  I made this using the "Life's a Beach" Cricut cartridge.
I LOVE this bulletin board!  The SCUBA divers are so cute - each has his/her own personality.  And, the jellies hanging in front of the bulletin board make it more dimensional.
Don't you love the hair?
The kids used water colors to paint the paper that was used for the fish and jellies.

The shiny tinsel tentacles and fish "scales" are remnants of a past prom.  (I am a prom co-sponsor so I have access to some pretty cool leftover materials!) 
After researching lots of different animals, my little divers wrote about what they saw under the sea.  We brain-stormed a list of animals, which I wrote on the board, but the kids did the rest!

This one needs a little bit of translating, but I was so impressed with the drawing - it wasn't traced, he drew the dolphin freehand!  (I see a dolphin.  It can jump high and swim fast.)


  1. Do you have a template for your scuba divers? If so could you email it to me?

    1. I made one that you can download from google docs:

      It is smaller than the one we used - I needed to make it fit onto computer paper. Have fun with this craft. It is probably my favorite thing that my Kinders have made!


  2. I love these ideas! We are a pre-k through 8 school, and our middle school is doing "The Little Mermaid" as the Spring Musical. Can't wait to incorporate some of these under the sea ideas!


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