Friday, March 22, 2013

Crafts & Bulletin Boards

March has been a busy month - what with Dr. Seuss's birthday, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and now Spring Break, we have been busy doing fun crafts.  Here is a sampling of some of the creativities my Kinders have done this month.

Our Thing 1 & Thing 2 hand prints have been a hallway favorite!
 It seriously took all day to make these cutie critters.  In the morning I painted the kids' hands for them to print the faces and hair, after lunch they painted the bodies and later in the afternoon, the details were added.  It was a big project, but the smiles they inspire were worth the effort!

 The following writing prompts were from an issue of Teacher's Helper.  We read Green Eggs and Ham, and then the Kinders wrote about a food that they enjoy.

St. Patrick's Day rainbows and pots of gold.  The rainbows are made of torn paper.  I like how, while they have the colors in the correct order, they are all different.  (I especially like the "exploded" rainbow in the bottom row!)  Glitter made perfect gold!
Feelin' Buggy!  We began our study of bugs this week, which included a discussion of how we feel when encountering a creepy crawly.  The kids first completed their sentence frames, and then drew pictures of themselves - complete with the expression they would likely have.
We first talked about the emotions we might feel when we see a bug, and then brainstormed some things we might say.  This proved to be a little difficult - trying to match a quote with an emotion required a lot of thinking.  This little guy drew such a cute picture - with a speech bubble - that I took a close-up.
I really do think that this little lady would scream "EEK!"
A gaggle o' bunnies!
They all have their own personality.  The Kinders were very happy to get to take them home today to decorate for Easter.  (As you can see, lots of what they made stays on display at school.)


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