Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs ~ A Tour of My Classroom

It took a while, but my classroom is done!  Er, well, about 95% done.  At least it's done enough for these link ups!  I have spent hours here and there ever since Amelia (granddaughter #3) was born in late July.  I toyed with the idea of setting it up early (like her other grandma did - Amelia has two teacher grandmas, a teacher daddy, and a teacher aunt.  Lots of educators in that little kid's life!).  But, anyway, I didn't set it up early.  I declared that I wouldn't come home today until it was finished.  Like I said, it's mostly done.  I have a few more cute-ifiers to hang up, and some stuff that I just put into our Kinder workroom to deal with.

I hope no one minds, but I am going to use this post for two linkies.  They both feature classroom tours, and I figure no one really wants to read the same post twice, so here it goes!

 View from the door.

 Math Center/Word Work Station.  Many of the areas do double duty.  The bins hold math materials, and the white tub will hold Word Work activities.


 The counter behind my half circle table.  I really, really, really plan to keep it organized this year.  Don't the birds and branches look cute?

 Focus Wall.  I changed out the yarn with ribbon to pretty it up a bit.  I also have a new calendar - it's Poppin' Patterns and coordinates with my flower border.  The cloth on the shelves is something I've had for years & it looks great with Poppin' Patterns!  A new lamp and a new 31 mini utility bin complete the cute new look.

 Close up of my new & improved Focus Wall

 My favorite table.  I really love this for working with students.  The bulletin board behind the table will hold anchor charts.  (The charts will help to cover the "ghost" of the tree that hung there for three years.)  I got rid of the big metal tub in the magnet area ~ now the sight word fish swim in dollar buckets from Michaels.

 I used chevron scrapbook paper to dress up my storage drawers.

 My colorful library.  I moved the library to the center of the room last spring when we got our rolling book rack.  I really like books to be the centerpiece of the room. The shelf in the foreground will hold morning work in the red basket in a few weeks.  (I don't introduce morning work right away.)

 This new cabinet will hold Daily 5 materials. (PS  I am getting replacement tubs ~ the top ones aren't supposed to be orange.)

 The view from behind the library.

 Looking across my new rug.  I love the bright colors!  I'll have eighteen students again, so I have four student tables.  It's a bit crowded, but it works.  I put the shelves that hold their folders & books against the wall under the white board, which should help with congestion.

 Another view across the room.

 Book bins and my desk.  The table in front of my desk will be an independent listening station.  (I still have a few personal CD players, but they are getting more and more difficult to come by.)

 My desk ~ so nice and neat.  Can it stay that way?  Oh, look ~ what a colorful lesson plan binder!  Want one?  It will be on sale this weekend.  Another 31 product will hopefully keep me organized this year.  (Check out the darling background on my computer!)

 Let's see if this fold & file keeps my desk tidy this year!

 My new Literacy Center/Writing Station is now home to the tree that left its ghost behind my small group table.  :-)  Crates on their sides make great storage for writing binders.

 Looking at the new Pocket Chart Skill Spot, and new rectangular table where Mrs. S. will work with small students during Stations.

 Pocket Chart Skill Spot.

 Mrs. S's new table backs up to the D5 storage unit.

My new Word Wall with 100 words.  I like to put all the words up at the beginning of the year so that the kids are exposed to them daily.  And, those Kinders who can read them may help others to learn to read them as well.  I moved this little white table here for a new skill spot.  Not sure what yet, but it will be something!

 Listening Station and Kinder Garden board.  The flowers will hold pictures of the kids' cute smiling faces.

 Dramatic Play Center

 Manipulative Center

The view from the back corner.  (The drawing on the white board was done by my three year old granddaughter, Isabella!)

Well, that completes the tour.  Like I said, I have a few odds & ends to finish, but I am pretty happy with my "home away from home" so far!  Check out the two linkies to see some more classroom decor inspirations!


  1. What a CUTE room! I hope you have a great year!

  2. Your room is amazing and oh so kindergarten ready!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. oh my I want to be in your room!! thanks for sharing! :)

  4. You are amazing - I so love love your classroom, it is inspiring
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  5. I love your classroom. I got several organizational ideas from your pics so thank you. Also thanks for following my blog. I am now following yours as well.
    Kindergarten is Dazzling



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