Saturday, August 10, 2013

Only One More Friday of Summer

Yikes!  It's Friday again already!  Summer is swiftly slipping through my fingers...  Have you gone back to school?  One more Friday left.  I have been going in now and then to begin setting things up for my new crop of Kinders.  I have at least another day's work left before I will feel ready.  But, in the mean time, I thought I'd link up with another Five for Friday.

1. The work begins.  Last week I spent about a day and a half moving furniture around.  I really didn't change much in the room arrangement, I just tweaked it a bit.  Here are a few "Before" pictures.  I will post more pictures when my room is at its cutest.  Once my room and post are done, I plan to link up to a Class*y Collaboration's classy cruise linky.

2.  My bookcases have seen better days - two of them are literally held together by duct tape!  I asked my husband to build some shelves for me, but after looking at them, he said that he could fix them.  Fine with me - cheaper, plus I wouldn't have to stain the new shelves.  The wooden block on top of the shelves will become braces to hold up the shelves.  He plans to put a sturdy backing on each unit to make them more steady.

When a student tried to lean over this bookcase, she broke the top (luckily no one was hurt).  Needing a quick fix, I found some unused cassette tapes and two wooden blocks held in place with duct tape. It served as a temporary fix.

Just about anything would make a sturdier backing than the flimsy cardboard that came with the bookcase.

 3.  Say Bye Bye to these old carpet squares!

Say Hello to my new rug!  I am so excited about this bright rug for our meeting area.  It looks so much better than my old rugs.  *Smiles*

4.  My new goodies.  Our corporation has funds available for teachers to purchase items that will be used in the classroom.  There is no set amount, but the request needs to be approved by your principal.  My fellow Kinder teachers and I each got some nifty items.  Here is what I got.  I feel lucky to be able to add items to my classroom without using my own money!

Kindergarten book rental included construction paper!  Yay - I love the beautiful colors. 

5.  My little cuties.  Yes, I am a very proud Mimi!  


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  1. Hey Mrs. Phillips! Thanks for sharing Harry Kindergarten! Great to meet all of you the other week. Keep up the good work!

    -Mr. Harry


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