Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher


It's Back to School time, and also Teacher Week at Blog Hoppin'!  Today's topic is all about me!

1.  I am about to begin my fourth year in kindergarten.  Before I became a Kinder Diva, I taught first, fourth, reading, and preschool (12 years in pre-k ~ yikes!).

(This is the Kinder Diva anthem my partners & I made up last year.  Feel free right click and copy.)

2.  I am the fifth of seven children.  Collectively we have 16 children, and some of those 16 collectively have 24 children.  There are a lot of us!

3.  I like to read, but find it very difficult to finish a book during the school year.  Most of my for-fun reading is done sitting on my front porch during the summer.

 4.  I haven't paid for my own Starbucks coffee since December 2012 because of all the gift cards students have given me!  (And, I visit Starbucks frequently!)

5.  I have annoying curly/frizzy hair so I get a keratin treatment each summer.  I love, love, love the happy straightness!

 I love how nonfrizzy my hair is!

6.  I love Mexican food, pizza, cupcakes (Gabrielle's homemade), and chocolate. Oh, yes, I also eat healthy things like fruit, veggies and hummus, salads, and chicken...

7.  I met my husband at Purdue.  We both lived in the same dorm & worked in the cafeteria.  (Luckily he could see past the gold waiter jacket and hairnet!)

8.  Kindergarten is my favorite grade to teach.  I love the little ones - they are excited to be at school, and they say the funniest things!

9.  I know how to sew, but don't sew much any more.  When I was a teenager I did sew lots of my own clothes.  Being from a large family, I didn't get much money to go shopping for clothes.  But, my father liked that his girls could sew, so he didn't mind giving us money for fabric.  I was able to build my wardrobe one stitch at a time!

This is actually last year's fair.  I sewed Isabella's dress & matching doll dress, crocheted her hat, and made the big felt flower clipped onto the hat.  Here we are participating in the county "Style Show."  I won a $10 Joann Fabric gift card! 

10.  I love Disney World!  

Check out this groovy family! 

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