Monday, September 2, 2013

Five for Friday - on Monday

Happy Labor Day!  Today marks the end of summer (and the start of school for many of you).  For me, it's the last day of a long weekend.  I have already had my first eight days of school, and am happy that tomorrow isn't my first day.  If you had asked me if I wished school started later a couple weeks ago, I would have said "yes."  But, with the first few days behind me, I am happy that we started when we did.  So far we are off to a great start ~ I have a wonderful group of Kinders this year!

And, now for my very late Five for Friday:

 1.  #Kindergarten:  Something to Tweet About!  Those little birdies are "online."  This is my hallway bulletin board.  The birds are mounted on clothespins and will hold first day of school pictures of my kiddos.

2. Welcome!  Get this banner in my TpT store.

3.  Four generations.  My dear mother is holding her 24th great grandchild.

 4.  My little darlings.

 Isabella on Sundance

 Olivia going for a stroll

 Amelia is alert and happy

5.  The newest - and tiniest - christening gown.  Amelia was so teeny when she was born, the gown I made last year was too big, and the gown my mother made many years ago was way too big, so I needed to make a new one.

 Christening Day

 Close up of the bodice 

 Readers who sew will appreciate this picture.  I will not be quitting my job to sew newborn clothes any time soon!  The gown was really a simple project - a nice pattern and wonderful fabric.  But, the trickiness was in the tiny size!  I assume factories that make newborn clothing must have sewing machines equipped with tiny presser feet.  I must say, though, I am happy with how the dress turned out.  Now we have christening gowns in three sizes ~ perfect for any future baby (Unless we get a boy!  lol)


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