Friday, September 27, 2013

Literacy Stations & Happy Birthday to Me!

This has been a busy, busy week.  I really do want to try to post more than once (and not cheat by posting twice in a day and pre-dating a post to make it look like it was written earlier than it really was...).  Well, anyway, here are some of the Literacy Stations my little cuties did this past week.

The following two stations are from Kindergarten Smiles.  I just love her products!

 Writing Station

 Mrs. S.'s Station

Word Work Station

POP for Letters™ Game
I forgot to take a picture of the alphabet game some kiddos played, but I was able to find this picture of it on the internet.  The kids loved it!  

Happy Birthday to me!  I had a great day - my daughter Sarah had us over for dinner and family fun.  Here are a few pics of my happy day.

 Isabella is "reading" to cousin Amelia while Olivia looks on.
 Isabella helps me to blow out the candle on my delicious cupcake made by Gabrielle.
 I was so excited to get this chicken sweater!  I had it in my hand last week when I was at the J Crew Factory store, but didn't get it because it didn't really match the skirt I purchased that day.  (It will be perfect with several skirts I already own.)
 Close up of the chicken cuteness.
I also got this antique milk glass rooster. 


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Lovely family!

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