Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skip Counting

Skip counting is both fun and challenging for Kinders.  Long before we began our study of skip counting objects we learned to skip count by rote.  Every morning we count by ones, tens, fives, and twos as a part of our calendar routine.  The leader gets to select a pointer and points to the numbers on the hundred chart while the rest of us count.  To make things fun we add motions as we chant our numbers:  We toss ten out the window with both hands open wide or "jump rope" with ten toes as we count by tens. (We jump backwards as we count down from 100 by tens.)  We "swim" - pulling ourselves through the water with five fingers while counting by fives, and use our fingers to help keep track of the number in the ones place as we count by twos.  Sometimes we count with English accents (pinkies up!), robots, or cowboys who say YEE HAW! after 100.  Knowing the numbers to say makes counting objects so much easier because they can put their energy towards applying the skill of skip counting without having to concentrate (too much) on what number comes next.

Our leader points to the numbers as we skip count by twos.  I like this 100 chart because the cards are two sided.  Currently, I have them as shown to facilitate counting by twos.  Sometimes I slip transparent colored counters in pockets indicating which numbers to say while skip counting.  When we study money, I like to put coins in the numbers to help the Kinders to know how to count them.

Counting by Twos Math Station #2.  In this station (first seen here), students count bags of objects and record the amount in each on their record sheet.  This year I wrote numbers on sticky notes for my struggling students.  They were able to keep track of their counting by placing two objects onto each note.

Counting with fingers helps!  When counting by twos we use our fingers to help us know what number comes next - six fingers touching means that the number has a six in the ones place.  All ten fingers touching means that there is a zero in the ones place, etc. 

These girls know that 4, 14, 24, and 34 etc. are numbers that you say when counting by twos!

My Kinders love using the pointers!  This little girl, and the one below, chose to use our ginkgo leaf shaped fly swatter to count the mittens hanging on the Focus Wall.  These cute mittens - from my Cozy Mittens Skip Counting set are now in a Skill Tub.  I like to add items that we have used as a group or in stations to the Skill Tubs so the Kinders can use them for practice of skills we have covered in class.

Pots of... Smarties.  Kinders love to do math with Smarties!  Each student got two rolls (each usually has fifteen pieces of candy in them) to use for this counting by fives activity.  After the lesson was done they were allowed to eat some of the candies.  Get this workmat in my Pots of Gold freebie.


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