Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines & Presidents

 This past week was super busy with learning and special days!  Our Valentine's Day party was another great success because of the planning done by our fabulous room moms!  (Thank you!)  The Kinders enjoyed painting cute picture frames, playing a fun (and educational - recognizing numbers to 30) BINGO game, and eating yummy treats - heart shaped fruit kabobs.

We made cute Cupcake Valentine bags to collect goodies and cards.

Because of a fog delay - turned fog day off the day before Thanksgiving, we had a make up day on Friday.  Upon entering the room one little boy said, "We aren't supposed to be here today."  Another boy responded, "Why?  Is it Saturday?"  I assured them that yes, we were supposed to be at school.  :-)  It did seem funny to be at school the day after a party day, but we made the most of our make up day by learning about two very important presidents.  We discussed the ways to research information in order to learn more about a topic.  I read the following books, and we made a chart with the facts that we learned about Abraham Lincoln.  Using the facts we listed on our chart, the Kinders wrote "reports" about our 16th president.

The kids wrote their "report" onto a page (freebie here) that was then taped to their stove pipe hats.
We learned a lot of facts about Abraham Lincoln - one being that he loved to read.  These Kinders share Abe's love of books!  
   I only own this book about George Washington - I guess I need to get some more!
After discussing our Founding Father, the Kinders made these cute George Washingtons.


  1. I love your cupcake Valentine bags! So cute!

    Mrs. Lattin's Kindergarten

    1. Thank you! I've been on sort of a cupcake kick lately. The Kinders really had fun making them - I love how different and cute they all turned out!


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