Monday, February 18, 2013

Stations & Skill Spots (Plus an Update on our Heifer International Giving)

My Kinders were busy not only with holiday activities, they were hard at work last week practicing important skills with our Literacy Stations and Skill Spots.

Our Independent CD Books Skill Spot is a favorite for listening to reading.

All of our Skill Spots, Skill Tubs, and Centers have books.  The kids love to practice reading books - which they read to me during our "Book Club" time so that they can contribute a dollar to our Heifer International Read to Feed program.  **Update**  In response to our Day of Giving Challenge (click on this link to watch our AWESOME video), our wonderful middle/high school students, spectators at the 2/2/13 basketball game, two local businesses, and an anonymous donor we greatly surpassed our goal of raising $1000 dollars...  In one day our little community raised $6426.72!!
Looking for letters.  I have several of these write on - wipe off pockets with poems in them available for the Kinders.  This little boy is looking for the letter r.
Popcorn Word Wall.  This bulletin board features all of the sight words from our reading series written on popcorn shaped note paper. 
 Spelling sight words.
Pocket Chart Skill Spot.  I have several pocket charts hanging on clothing racks (much cheaper than the real ones) in this Skill Spot.  These boys are working on making numbers with the smiley face counters.
"This" Writing Station.  In this station, the kids practiced writing the word this and wrote sentences using the word.  I think by now everyone can spell this!
Word Work Station.  In this station, from The Mailbox, the students sorted -an and -ap word family picture and word cards.  They also did a worksheet featuring the word families (not pictured).
Kinders love to write with dry erase markers!  I laminated the cards from the above station to make them wipe-off for reuse.
A file folder center from Lakeshore Learning gives additional CVC word practice.
Rhyme time!  Students match rhyming picture and word cards from Apple & ABC's Valentine pack.


  1. My listening center just broke and I was looking into getting individual CD players for that center! Where did you get all your players from? I am your newest follower!:)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for following! I'll check out your blog as soon as I'm done with this reply. :) I got the CD players from Classroom Direct( They have help up pretty well - I've had them for about four years. To make using them easier for the kids, I colored the play button with a green Sharpie, and the stop button with a red marker. I don't give them the original CDs - I burn a copy of each book's CD. I can always make another copy if one gets scratched.


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