Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday

TGIF!!  It's Friday, and time for another Five for Friday linky!  Thank you to Doodle Bugs for hosting such a fun link up. 

1.  Shower update:  Here is Mommy-to-Be Emily looking beautiful behind a mountain of gifts.  Baby Amelia is all set to enter the world!  I can't wait!

2.  Mother's Day gifts. We made these beautiful handprint pictures.  I'm sure the moms will love them (and keep them as a lovely keepsake of their little darlings' little hands!)  I wish I could say that this was an original idea, but alas, it was one of my many Pinterest finds.  Find my inspiration on Splish Splash Splatter.


 3.  Teachers Appreciation Week.  Our PTO and student council spoiled us with lots of goodies and treats this week.  Yesterday we each received a bag with some fruit, Hershey Kisses & a water bottle.  Today, after a delicious Mexican fiesta lunch our PTO president hand delivered a thank you card to each of us - along with a $100 gift card to our local teacher store, Sharp School Services!!!  Needless to say we were all stunned and very thankful!  Our PTO rocks.

4.  Robin eggs.  A silly robin chose a chair on our front porch as the location of her nest.  Of course, now that there are four beautiful blue eggs, we are just going to have to wait to sit on the porch.  This next reminds me of when we had a robin nest in our girls' backyard clubhouse.  When the babies were big enough to leave the nest, but not strong enough to fly, Emily (who was about ten) picked up one of the babies.  She didn't hold it for long because a half dozen or so robins dive bombed her.  She came racing up to the house!  I'm pretty sure she will leave these baby birds alone.  :-)

5.  Literacy Stations for this week.  Two of the stations we are doing are from my daughter's Teachers pay Teachers store.  In the first picture this little Kinder is writing the room to find words that form a sentence  to  illustrate.  The second picture shows a beginning/ending sound literacy station.  Go to Sarah's blog, Kinder Cakes, to see pictures of these and several more in action in her classroom.  While there, please show her some love and become a follower (me, too, please!).  I was so excited when Sarah got a kindergarten position - even though we teach in different corporations - we have fun sharing ideas and talking about our Kinders.  When you are visiting Kinder Cakes be sure to check out her cute Mother's Day video.

I hope your week was fun and productive, and that you felt appreciated.  And, I wish all of you moms a very Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Love, love, love your Mother's Day gifts.

  2. Hi! I can't believe that robin didn't hide her nest what is she thinking!! Hope those babies are okay! I just found your blog - I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog

    1. Hi! Thanks for following. I guess mama robin liked the fact that the porch is covered. (It's a good thing barn kitty doesn't go up to the front porch!)


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