Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Great Outdoors

As the weather gets warmer, the days longer, and the sun sunnier Kinders love to be outdoors.  We recently spent some time discussing activities that they enjoy doing outside.  After so many recesses spent indoors, the just can't wait to get out on the playground.  (We are lucky to have access to the gym in the morning and the cafeteria in the afternoon for indoor recess.  My daughter's school has recess in the classrooms, which I think may be common.  What do your kiddos do for indoor recess?)

Anyway, after discussing all the fun things to do outside, they wrote about some of their favorite activities.

 "I like to do outside is jump rope.  I like to jump rope *because* there is this song called Teddy Bear and when you are jumping you turn around and you touch the ground."

 "I like to look for waterfalls because it is fun to play in them."

Click HERE for your copy of this writing prompt.

I also made some little posters to use on the bulletin board for this writing (and a summer version).  Get yours HERE.

And lastly, here is a fun linky from Kindergarten Works that is all about Kindergarten.


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