Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Marvelous Mom

We have been busy working on goodies for Mom this week.  Today we wrote about our marvelous mothers.  It turned out to be a pretty good writing prompt - the Kinders were eager to write all about their mothers, and tell why they loved her.  Here are some samples.

Super cute, don't you think?  The kids used the word wall and phonemic spelling to write these all on their own!  A few kids did ask me how to spell a few words, but for the most part these papers were done completely on their own!  *YAY!*  One little student very seriously asked me, "How do you spell rum?" Um...  I gently asked him what he wanted to write, and he explained that he wanted to write about his mother's yummy rum cake!  Well, that was a first!  I have never had a Kinder ask me how to spell rum before!  That's one of the reasons I love kindergarten - you never know what they will say!  Click HERE for a copy of this writing paper.

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